An Important Lesson in Giving (12 of 19) by Daniel Rodgers

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An Important Lesson in Giving (12 of 19)
Dan Rodgers
II Corinthians 9:1-15
July 20, 2005


1. In our last lesson we had concluded chapter 8 with Paul's discussion concerning the collection of the saints for the believers at Corinth. This evening we will pick up our study with chapter 9, as he continues his remarks. Let me give you three things:

I. His Reason for Writing
II. His Points of Discussion
III His Principles for Consideration


A. To Encourage Them

1. Paul encouraged them by commending them for having a giving spirit. He said it is "superfluous" or not really necessary that I write unto you; for I know the forwardness of your mind." In other words; "I know that you are ready and willing to give."
a. Again, it was encouraging when they heard that Paul had boasted about their giving to the Macedonians. As a matter of fact, their faithfulness in giving had encouraged others to give. Note (vs. 2b), "Your zeal hath provoked very many"

b. Here's an important point: Our faithfulness in giving is an encouragement to others. When others see our faithfulness in giving, and when they see that God blesses our faithfulness, it motivates them to the same.

B. To Remind Them

1. Notice once again (vs. 3), Yet have I sent the brethren ...

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