Jesus in a Tolerant Culture (2 of 2) by Doug Tegner

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Jesus in a Tolerant Culture (2 of 2)
Doug Tegner
Acts 17:24-34

World is talking about Jesus…everyone has an opinion!
1 Passion of Christ
2 Newsweek
3 Time

Realities of a "Tolerant" Culture - 17:16-21
Prepare Yourself – vs. 16
- Take Notice
- Understand the Climate
- Stir to Action

Engage Personally – vs. 17
- Reason with the Spiritually Sensitive
- Dialogue with the “Intellectuals”
- Anticipate Personal Attacks

Expect Resistance – vs. 18-19
- Epicureans – atheists; deny supernatural
- Stoics – fatalists; mind, not emotions
- The Gospel of will be Resisted
- The Resurrection is Strange to most Hearers

Window of Opportunity – vs. 20-21
- When someone asks, “what do you mean?”

Challenging a “Tolerant” Culture – 17:22-28

Build a Bridge – vs. 22-23
- Identify Spiritual Interest
- Point Out Spiritual Confusion – “unknown god”
- Speak with Courage and Confidence

Continue the story of Paul challenging people in secular society

Introduce the One True God – vs. 24-28
People today have the strangest ideas about God!
The gospel makes no sense to many who are ignorant of God
We want to jump too fast to asking people to respond to the gospel
But the gospel of Christ is rooted in the NATURE and WILL of GOD.
Paul takes a proactive approach to introduce the true God

- Clarify God’s Nature
He knew what their misunderstanding of God was
Paul brought out specific traits of God that countered their error

- Correct Misconceptions

God is the Creator – vs. 24
God is the MAKER (not the made; not CARVED)
He does not live in temples made with hands.
Common to hear: Yeah…I should go to church to figure this out

God is before Time
BEFORE time – Eternal; precedes people, animals
OUTSIDE of matter – Not part of the creation

God is Spirit
SPIRIT and INFINITE – does not live in temples
GOD is not PROJECTION of man…made in his image.

God is Self Sufficient – vs. 25

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