What We Believe About the Church! (7 of 9) by Steve Wagers

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What We Believe About the Church! (7 of 9)
Series: Baptist Beliefs
Steve N. Wagers
August 10, 2005

Sermon Outline
1. The Government of the Church!
A. It's Divine Order!
B. It's Distinct Organization!
2. The Gifts to the Church!
A. Sovereignly Given!
B. Selectively Given!
3. The Growth by the Church!
A. Spiritually!
B. Numerically!

1. Suppose a great doctor discovers a cure for cancer. Once that cure is found, it is there. But, before it can become available for everyone, it must be taken out to the world. Doctors and surgeons must know about it and be trained to use it. The cure is there, but one person cannot take it out to all the world, a corps of doctors must be the agents whereby it arrives at all the world's sufferers.

2. William Barclay said of this, "That is precisely is what the church is to Jesus Christ. It is in Jesus that all people and all nations can be reconciled to God. But before that can happen, they must know about Jesus Christ, and it is the task of the church to bring that about. Christ is the head; the church is the body. The head must have a body through which it can work. The church is quite literally hands to do Christ's work, feet to run upon His errands, and a voice to speak His words."

3. As we continue our study of Baptist beliefs, we come to the second part of our study of the church. Last week we considered the church's foundation, force and function, and established the fact that the church means much to God, because He sought it, He bought it and He wrought it.

4. Let's continue to consider 3 things about the church, beginning with:


1. The church's system of government is in total contrast to the world's system of government for 2 reasons. First, because of:


1. As we saw last week, the "church's one foundation is Jesus Christ our Lord." It has been founded by Christ, and it is founded upon Christ. He is the chief cor ...

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