A Sick Nation (1 of 12) by Jerry Vines

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A Sick Nation (1 of 12)
Series: Isaiah
Jerry Vines
Isaiah 1

When I first started preaching I couldn’t find enough to preach on. I couldn’t find enough to get up a sermon hardly. But now in these years I’m trying to decide what to include and what to leave out. There is just so much there. You will never in a life time or in ten life times be able to study everything in the Bible and teach and preach everything in the Bible.

That’s certainly true in the book of Isaiah. There are 66 chapters, one of the longest books in the entire Bible. I am obviously not going to take up every chapter and every verse. It would take us a long, long time to go through Isaiah that way. What I’m going to try to do, however, is just pick out some of the best passages, the strongest passages, the most applicable passages for our life today and deal with them in 10, 12, or perhaps 14 studies in the book of Isaiah.

We’re going to look tonight at the first chapter. There are 31 verses in that chapter. I won’t be able to deal with each one of those verses, but I’ll try to give you the essence of what these verses of scripture have to say. I have given the title to this first chapter of Isaiah ‘‘A Sick Nation.’’

There are some who believe that Isaiah is the greatest book in the Old Testament. It is certainly true that Isaiah gives us the gospel in the Old Testament. It is a book which speaks a message from the prophet Isaiah to his own generation and a message to the generations to come.

Many times when we think about the prophets and we think about prophecies, we think primarily about predictions concerning the future. We do know that there is an element of foretelling in the writings of the prophets. We will discover, for instance, in the book of Isaiah, that Isaiah foretells the first and the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. He predicts the birth, death, the resurrection and he predicts the second coming of the Lord Jesus. Probably Isaiah saw the first and second coming of the Lord clearer than any of the prophets in the Old Testament.

There is also an element of not just foretelling the future, but of forthtelling God’s message for the day in which he lived. Isaiah is speaking specifically to his generation and to the people of God in his time. He speaks timeless truths.

This is why we study a writing and a book that was written back in the eighth century before Jesus Christ. Really, the problems of human life are the same in every generation. In fact, in witnessing many times to people of other cultures and other faiths, I say to them that there are only three problems that people all over the world have. There is the problem of sin, the problem of suffering, and there is the problem of death.

Isaiah speaks timeless truths which apply not only to his generation but to ours. That’s why we are studying such an old, ancient book as this.

Let me just give you a little quick read here of introduction for Isaiah himself and for his bo ...

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