Living Out a Called Life: Living By Faith by Robert Walker

Living Out a Called Life: Living By Faith
Robert Walker
Mark 11:22
When Cannon Wilberforce was in this country, he told how a miner, having heard the Gospel, determined that if it promised his immediate salvation, he would not leave the presence of the preacher until he was in possession of that salvation.
After the meeting was over, he addressed the minister in his rude speech, "Didn't ye say I could have the blessing now?"

"Yes, my friend," answered the preacher.

"Then pray with me now, for I'm not going away without it."

And they did pray both the minister and the man. Waiting before God until the miner heard silent words from the still small voice of the Spirit and knew that he was saved. Then he started up, saying, "I have got it now!" His face was all aglow as he repeated, "I have got it now!"

The next day a terrible accident occurred in the mines. When the preacher reached the scene, the dead and dying were on every side. Searching among them, he came upon this big, brawny fellow whom he had seen the night before. He was dying, also. But when he recognized the minister, his eyes flashed with their new light as he said, "Oh, I don*t mind to die, for I have got it! I have got it! That is saving faith.

We talk a great deal about Faith. What it is and what it is not and what it can do and what it can't do. But to really live the victorious life in Jesus Christ we must learn to live by faith.

We must live by faith because the whole idea of what God is and what God does and who God is to us is predicated on the concept of faith

Nobody has ever seen Him in human form I don't imagine. Nobody has ever really talked with Him eye ball to eye ball the same way you would talk to your friends.

There is a deeper depth of communication; there is a deeper depth of understanding of His person, and the thing that makes that deeper depth come alive is the process of faith.


Mark 11:22

So Je ...

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