Spiritual Power for the End of an Age by Robert Walker

Spiritual Power for the End of an Age
Robert Walker
Acts 2:1

Now it is just amazing what these earlier Christians did in the book of Acts. Just a handful of unlettered people that had never been to college and therefore some of them were illiterate.

Just poor ordinary people with no finances and no prestige and no printing presses and no seminaries but they spiritually turned the world upside down.

There was something about these earlier Christians that swords could not kill and water could not drown and fire could not burn and jails could not hold.

I want us to look at verse 43 and see what happens after the dust cleared. What took place after the emotions subsided? And what took place after the speaking in tongues.

These people were transformed even while they were living under the terranctial hand of Rome. They were living in a humanistic style of society that had exalted Caesar as God.

They found themselves in the most immoral society that the world has ever known and that our world could only rival. But they learned how to live by Spiritual Power in secular times.

I want us to see what happen to them on the Day of Pentecost. Number one they:-


We see them living in a way they have never lived before. We see them doing things they had never done before. We see them coming into a new dimension of Spiritual priority they never knew before.

Now you have got to remember that these people had lived under the law. They lived under old traditions. They had lived under the Old Testament practices and somehow they were never quite enough.

There was something lacking. But then the time had fully come and these people were gather in Jerusalem and the feast of Pentecost was going at full force and suddenly God said I don't need these feast anymore.

It is time for me to start the new order. My Son Jesus Christ as ascended to my right hand and it is time for me to begin my c ...

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