The Source of Self-Confidence (1 of 7) by Stan Coffey

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The Source of Self-Confidence (1 of 7)
Series: Improving Your Self-Confidence
Stan Coffey
Isaiah 49:1-5

If you have your Bible turn to Isaiah 49. We want to begin a series of messages on "Improving Your Self-Esteem". And really this is a series of messages about knowing who you are in Christ and behaving as who you are in Christ. And today I want to speak on "The Source of Self-Confidence". And when I say self-confidence I am not talking about the confidence that comes from self but I am talking about the confidence that comes from Christ, your self in Jesus not your self in the old person in the Adamic nature, but your self as redeemed and position in the Lord Jesus Christ.


This is a marvelous passage of Scripture that speaks concerning the source of our confidence. When you look about today at the sources of self-esteem, where people get their self-worth and look at what the world has to say you realize that there are three main areas where people get their self-worth. And they are very unreliable areas. The three areas I am thinking about are appearance, acquisitions, and achievements. If you think for just a moment, we are bombarded daily through the media and in the world in which we live in the associations and relationships that we have with the idea that who you are, how valuable you are, and what your worth really is, is dependent on these three things. – your appearance, your acquisitions, and your achievements.


Number one, people base their confidence on their appearance, on how well they look. And I think we all ought to do the best job we can, but your self-worth, your self-image shouldn't be dependent upon what kind of emblem you have on the clothing that you wear. They use to put the labels of brand names on the inside of your clothes. Now they put them on the outside so that you can show everybody that you have the right kind of clothes therefore you must be ...

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