What Makes a Good Volunteer? (1 of 3) by Ernest Easley

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What Makes a Good Volunteer? (1 of 3)
Dr. Ernest L. Easley
Matthew 5:1-12
May 15, 2005

We are celebrating volunteerism today. We have hundreds of volunteers throughout our church that provide various ministries that either enlarge or strengthen the Kingdom of God. I thank God for every serving saint throughout our membership.

And tonight .. we're throwing them a party in the Vision Center following our evening worship gathering! Dr. Crooks tells me that we're going to have a chocolate fountain ... cappuccino bar ... buffet spread and more. And I want to invite you to tonight's party! Now to set the stage for tonight .. from Matthew 5 .. I want to talk to you about volunteerism or what the Bible calls servanthood.

As you are turning to Matthew 5 .. I want to ask you a question: If someone close to you were to describe you .. what would they say? I mean .. what would they honestly say? Would they describe you as being a person who was sad .. mad .. or glad? Would they describe you as being positive or negative? How about this: would they say that they enjoyed being around you or enjoyed not being around you?

Let me ask you this: how would you like to be married to you? There are a lot of sad .. mad .. negative people today walking around calling themselves Christians .. and frankly .. they are giving Jesus and His church a bad name! "Christian" ought to mean joyful. "Christian" ought to mean positive!

Yes ... some of the most miserable people I know call themselves Christians and I'm talking to some of them this morning. You're not happy about your home-life .. work-life .. church-life. And miserable people don't like being miserable alone .. they like to take others with them. So .. they try to make everybody miserable around them. Let me ask you a question: do you enjoy being around unhappy people? I mean ... nothing is ever right for them .. nothing is ever good for them. And you see Miserable Mark or Negative Nancy or Bitter Billy or Critical Cathy walking up and you think to yourself, "Great .. I can't wait to fellowship with them." NO! You pray that somehow they don't see you and keep walking!

Do you know why people act that way? Plain and simple: it's because they think selfishly rather than think like a servant. That's what we find here in Matthew 5 as Jesus begins His Sermon on the Mount. He describes what makes a good volunteer. And as every volunteer knows .. you will never be happy until you decide to serve. "The roots of happiness grow deepest in the soil of service." Miserable people are selfish people. Happy people are serving people. Albert Schweitzer said: "The only really happy people are those who have learned how to serve."

So .. what makes a good volunteer? What does a good volunteer look like? Well .. what we call a volunteer .. the Bible calls a servant. And what we need is a portrait of a servant and that is exactly what we find beginning in Matthew 5.

What Mak ...

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