Heaven Prepares For The Glorious Return Of Christ (6 of 13) by Stan Coffey

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Heaven Prepares For The Glorious Return Of Christ (6 of 13)
Stan Coffey
Revelation 19:1-10

Today we come to our seventh lesson in our series, the actual material that covers the actual event of the glorious appearing of Christ. This is one of the most exciting studies. If you will look in Revelation 19, we want to begin at actually looking at the glorious appearing of Christ. I think Dr. LaHaye in his book "The Glorious Appearing" does wonderful job at doing an imaginative narrative through the eyes of the characters that he has given all through the twelve books that he wrote on the awe and excitement of the tribulation saints, those characters as they anticipate and as they experience the coming of Christ and the actual victory of Christ in the Battle of Armageddon.

Just prior to the glorious appearing on the earth we find that there is a great celebration in heaven. I remind you that on earth there have been seven years of tribulation. Three and a half years are called "the Great Tribulation". The Israeli people have gone through the most horrible holocaust they have ever known. We know that they have gone through many persecutions under many dictators, under Pharaoh, under Babylonian leaders such as Nebuchadnezzar and Belshezar, under Assyrian leaders such as Darius and Cyrus who was a Persian. They have gone through even the horrors of the Romans who persecuted them. And who eventually burned and ransacked the city of Jerusalem not once but twice. They had gone through horrors of persecution of the inquisition. They had gone through the horrors of Nazi persecution and the holocaust of World War II. But this holocaust is greater than anything they had known in the past.

So now in heaven they are about to be delivered. Not only are they about to be delivered but the tribulation believers are about to be delivered, those who are saved during the tribulation time who come from every nation, every people ac ...

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