Five Principles Of Revival by Stan Coffey

Five Principles Of Revival
Stan Coffey
Jonah 3:1-10

This morning if you will turn in your Bible to Jonah 3, I am going to talk about five principles of revival or five principles of spiritual transformation. You can find these in Jonah 3:1-10. Can you imagine a revival greater than the revival at Pentecost? At Pentecost three thousand souls were saved. The Holy Spirit was poured out upon the disciples. The Bible says that they spoke in unknown languages. The Scripture teaches that they were filled with the Holy Spirit, great and mighty things were done. And one day, three thousand people were baptized into the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And yet the Bible tells us of an even greater number of people being saved under the ministry of an Old Testament prophet named Jonah. We have heard so much in the first two chapters about how Jonah was swallowed by a great fish. I heard about the dear Christian lady who was going to visit her grandchildren in a far away city. She is sitting on the airplane getting ready to take off. A gentleman in a very expensive suit sat down by her side. And he saw that she was reading her Bible. He was not a Christian. He was a very wealthy business man. He said to her, you are not one of those people who believe every story in the Bible are you? And she said yes I am. I believe every story. He said, you mean you really believe that a fish was great enough to swallow a man. And that a man lived in side a fish for three days, that he survived that ordeal and that encounter? You believe that? About what the Bible says about that man named Jonah? She said yes I do. I believe every word. He said, well, what if you get to heaven and Jonah is not there? What if that story is not true, that Jonah is not in heaven and you can't ask him about it? She said then you ask him about it where you go!

Now the first thing that we see in this story is a great principle. It says "and the word of the Lord came unto Jonah the second time..." that is a great principle because God had given the Word to Jonah the first time and he blew it. God said go to Nineveh and preach what I bid thee to preach. But we know that Jonah did not want Nineveh to repent because Nineveh was the arch-enemy of the people of Israel. He wanted Nineveh to be destroyed. Nineveh was an evil city that had done many wicked things to Jonah's people. So Jonah went the other direction. He went the opposite direction from the will of God for his life. He went to Tarshish. He boarded the ship and he went down in to Tarshish and down in to the ship. And then down in to the water, and then down in to the great fish, in to the belly of the fish. And any time you go away from the will of God, you go down, down, down, down until you get so low that you are going to say okay God I give up. I will do your will. And when the fish three days later coughed Jonah up on the shore, Jonah had cried unto the Lord ...

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