The Sources of Guidance (2 of 4) by Stan Coffey

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The Sources of Guidance (2 of 4)
Stan Coffey
Jonah 1:1-3

Today we are going to continue in our series "God's Will For My Life". And today we are going to talk about "The Sources of Guidance". Turn in your Bible if you will to Jonah 1:1.

Now Nineveh was east and Tarshish was as far west as you could go. Jonah went exactly the opposite direction that God told him to go. It is an amazing thing to me that God revealed His will to Jonah when God in advance knew that Jonah would disobey Him and be out of His will. One of the things God wants to know is if He reveals His will to us, are we willing to obey it? Will we say in advance, Lord wherever you lead I will go. It is one thing to say that, it is another thing to actually do that in our daily lives.

As you look at where people look for guidance, what people look to to find direction for their life, it is amazing. We have these psychics on television that say if you will call we will be able to help you to find out a direction and purpose in life. People will use tarot cards, ouija boards, fortune tellers, crystal balls, astrology, horoscopes, and all kinds of things trying to find what they are suppose to do, some insight as to what their purpose is in life.


And I think if we are going to look at the sources of guidance we need to recognize some very common sources that are not reliable. So I want to give you five unreliable sources of guidance to which you might look.

In the first place, culture is an unreliable source of guidance. Had Jonah asked the culture of his day what he should do, he lived in the Jewish nation that was the devout enemy of the Ninevites and had he asked anybody about him if he should go to that city and preach they would have said, Jonah you are crazy. That doesn't make any sense. Those people are our enemies. And all they are going to do is devour you. Don't go.

And when you lo ...

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