God's Will For My Life (1 of 4) by Stan Coffey

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God's Will For My Life (1 of 4)
Stan Coffey
Ephesians 5:15-17

If you have your Bible today I invite you to turn to Ephesians 5. And for the next four weeks I want to speak to you on the subject "God's Will For My Life". We want to know what God's will is and there is much in the Bible about God's will.

When Paul talks about living as wise and not unwise, every day spent outside the will of God for your life would be unwise, but everyday spent inside the will of God for your life is not a wasted day if you are walking in the will of God for your life. He talks about making the most of our opportunities. And I am excited as I look at the opportunities that God has given me and that God has given you. And as I think about the opportunities God has given our church and our businesses and our families and our won personal lives, I am excited about making the most out of the opportunities God has given to us.

And if we are to do that we must know the will of God. Someone said life's greatest discovery is to find the will of God. Life's greatest achievement is to do the will of God. And I am so grateful today that God has given us some things in His Word to help us understand His will. But you know somebody is going to say – Bro. Stan if God wants us to know His will why is it so difficult to find? Why is it so confusing? Why is it so hard to figure out what God wants me to do? Well, I think first of all it is because there are some basic misconceptions we have about the will of God.


I want you to see that God's will is not a feeling. Some people think that if they can get alone, get in to the Yoga position, blank out everything else in their mind, then they will get some kind of impression. Some kind of feeling will come to them. There will be a tingle in their spin, there will be a "fuzzy" feeling all over and they will know this is the will of God because it just feels ...

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