When the Church Prays by Ron Dunn

When the Church Prays
Ron Dunn
Acts 4:23-33

If you study the history of revival, you will discover this undeniable fact: In the recorded history of the church there has never been a mighty outpouring of the Spirit in Revival which did not begin in the persistent, prevailing prayer of a desperate people. Revival has never come because men ''planned'' it and put it on the calendar.


''The place was shaken where they were assembled together.'' This expression symbolizes God's presence and activity. You'll find a similar phrase in Acts 16:26. Imprisoned, Paul and Silas conduct a midnight prayer and praise service and ''suddenly there came a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken...'' This is a manifestation of the presence of God. It is God manifesting Himself, letting the people know He is present and has the situation under control.

But, you say, isn't God always present when two or three are gathered together in Christ's name? Yes, but God being present doesn't necessarily mean we perceive His presence. Jacob could say of Bethel: ''Surely God was in this place and I knew it not.''

When the church goes to its knees in real prayer, the presence of God is perceived. Suddenly we know He is with us, working, moving, answering.

We must pray in unison. They were all there and they were all doing the same thing. It wasn't just the apostles who prayed. They all prayed. Here was a group of believers concerned enough to gather in one place for one purpose--to pray. This is a testimony to united prayer.

We must pray in unity. ''They prayed with one accord.'' Not only were they all there and all praying but they were all praying for the same purpose. There wasn't a man over here praying for his pet project and another huddled in this corner praying for his pet project. They were gathered in unity with one heart and one soul. It reminds me of the verse in the Old Testament that tells us that on a certain day all the men of Israel came together with one heart to make David king. That's the kind of praying that shakes the place. When God's people come together with one heart to make Jesus king! When all our different little concerns are thrust aside and our hearts flow into one main stream . . . that's when the presence of God is manifested and people are conscious that God has taken the field.


''And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost.'' Upon the conclusion of their prayer the Spirit of God filled every believer gathered in that room. ''They were ALL filled,'' the record states. Not just the apostles, but every member of the church. There had been a filling on the Day of Pentecost but the church cannot operate on past experiences. The church's experience of God must always be fresh. Every new task demands a new filling.

There is something remarkable about this incident. ...

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