A Choice for Life (3 of 8) by Jeff Ginn

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A Choice for Life (3 of 8)
Series: Risking to Rescue
Dr. Jeffery B. Ginn
Exodus 1:8-21
January 18, 2004


a. Interview the Harrs. A beautiful and courageous couple.
i. When join MPBC?
ii. Have you all wanted a child for some time?
iii. Tell us the story of how you got Victoria.
iv. Then what happened?
v. They are risking to rescue. Why?
b. McCauleys risked.
c. God risked.
d. They all made a "choice for life."
e. Eric sing.
f. That tradition of risking to rescue goes back centuries. Let's travel back through time to a pair of courageous women who risked all to rescue.
g. Read text.


a. The Risk of Life
i. Two simple women, probably slaves, barren. No power. And they stand before the mightiest Monarch of their age. Pharaoh. He was, by virtue of his office, a god (ISBE)! With the mere wave of his hand he can have them executed.
ii. He gives them a simple, straightforward command.
iii. Yet they chose to disobey his direct orders. They risk their lives! What courage!
1. A wealthy, Texan businessman was giving a tour of his properties to a group of young aspiring entrepreneurs. As they strolled the magnificent grounds of his estate, they passed a pool seething with alligators. The businessman said, "To make it in life you've got to have courage. You've got to brave the dangers of life. In fact, to the first man who'll swim across this pool I'll give him anything he wants up to a million dollars. Everyone laughed, then turned to go. Just then a splash was heard. Everyone turned to see one of their number furiously stroking across the pool. He pulled himself from the waters safe and sound. The owner said, "What would you like?" The young man, panting, replied, "I'd like to know who pushed me in!"
2. No one pushed these ladies in. They dove into danger by their own choice. Why?
b. The Risk for Life
i. An Explanation
1. They must have known the Scriptures
a. "The LORD God formed ...

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