Royalty to the Rescue (1 of 8) by Jeff Ginn

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Royalty to the Rescue (1 of 8)
Series: Risking to Rescue
Jeffery B. Ginn
Esther 4:12-16


a. Todd Beamer is a name now honored in American homes everywhere. He was willing to risk all--and in fact, gave all, to rescue others.
b. That heroic impulse was rooted in his Christian commitment. He learned to risk and rescue from our Lord. The Bible is replete with examples of that same kind of heroism.
c. I'm calling us to live that kind of life. Be those kinds of individuals. Be that kind of church.
d. This morning, we're going to transport ourselves back to the days of the Medes and Persians to the court of a queen still loved for her willingness to risk to rescue.
e. Her people are threatened by the nefarious, devious plans of a henchman named Haman. He hated the Jews and wished for their annihilation.
f. Her father figure, Mordecai, has witnessed God's miraculous mercy at work in elevating Esther to the throne. Now he challenges her to use her position and opportunity to rescue those who are to perish.
g. Let's stand in honor of God's word and listen to His Spirit speak to our hearts. (Read Esther 4:12-16)


a. Her privileges

i. She lived in the "king's house" (4:13). Her identity was a secret. She could have lived in
sumptuous luxury for the remainder of her life. Never troubled.
ii. We are privileged as well.

b. His purpose

i. Transition: Her privileges were accorded to her because God had a greater purpose than her own comfort.
ii. The Certainty of Deliverance

1. God is going to triumph. God may be invisible but He is also invincible.
2. His cause will prevail.
3. Haman ...

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