Get Fit in Your Faith (4 of 6) by Jeff Ginn

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Get Fit in Your Faith (4 of 6)
Series: Get Fit 4 Life
Dr. Jeffery B. Ginn
Mark 3:1-6; Luke 6:6-11
February 10, 2002


1. In a 1994 article, "Wars' Lethal Leftovers Threaten Europeans," Associated Press reporter Christopher Burns writes: "The bombs of World War II are still killing in Europe. They turn up--and sometimes blow up--at construction sites, in fishing nets, or on beaches fifty years after the guns fell silent. Hundreds of tons of explosives are recovered every year in France alone. Thirteen old bombs exploded in France last year, killing twelve people and wounding eleven, the Interior Ministry said. "'I've lost two of my colleagues,' said Yvon Bouvet, who heads a government team in the Champagne-Ardennes region that defuses explosives from both World War I and II. ... "Unexploded bombs become more dangerous with time, Bouvet said. 'With the corrosion inside, the weapon becomes more unstable, the detonator can be exposed.'" What is true of lingering bombs is also true of lingering anger. Buried anger will explode when we least expect it.
2. Several years ago, there was a popular television show called "The Incredible Hulk." A mild-mannered scientist would be transformed into a raging, green monster. This would be triggered when something made him angry. I wonder how many incredible hulks we have beneath the facades here this morning. Incredible hulks of anger, bitterness, jealously, fear. Given the right set of circumstances, we are transformed into monsters.
3. This morning I want to continue our series on "Getting Fit for Life." This morning's sermon is on "Get Fit in Your Feelings."


1. A description of him
1. His problem
1. Shriveled hand.
2. Many things could have been said of him.
1. Family man
2. Business man
3. Kind man
4. But it was noted that he had a problem.
5. We are like that man. We all have a need.
2. His place. "He was there."
1. "He was there"
2. He was in the sy ...

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