To Pray, or Not to Pray, That is the Question! by Steve Wagers

To Pray, or Not to Pray, That is the Question!
Steve N. Wagers
Luke 18:1-8
April 13, 2005

Sermon Outline
1. The Persistence that Helps our Prayers!
A. The Principle Jesus Defines!
B. The Parable Jesus Delivers!
2. The Person that Hears our Prayers!
A. An Interesting Comparison!
B. An Incredible Confidence!
3. The Problem that Hinders our Prayers!
A. An Unconfessed Sin!
B. An Unforgiving Heart!
C. An Unbelieving Mind!
D. An Unconquered Will!
E. An Untimely Request!

1. A group of seminary students were gathered in chapel one day. The dean of the seminary was challenging the boys in the area of prayer. He instructed them to be careful what they asked God for. He said, "Men, don't ask God for a big church, because of the stress, problems and worries associated with it. Whatever you do, don't ask God for a big church."

2. The next year, one of the students who had graduated and entered the pastorate came back to give his testimony. He commented about what the seminary dean had said the previous year. He said, "I did ask God for a big church; however, I also asked God for a pretty wife. My prayer was almost answered, because instead of getting a big church and a pretty wife, I got a pretty church and a big wife!"

3. In Luke 18, Jesus speaks about the subject of prayer. In a wonderful fashion, as only He can do, He describes, defines and depicts the type of prayer that God hears, heeds and honors. I call your attention to 3 things contained in this discourse on prayer.

1. The PERSISTENCE that HELPS Our Prayers!


1. The entire theme of this section is defined in verse 1. Jesus was encouraging us to "pray and not to faint." The word "faint" literally means, "not to give into evil." It speaks of losing heart, turning coward, or behaving badly by failing to pray.

2. Thus, we are instructed not to allow our prayer time to become a time of discouragement, but encouragement. We are ...

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