A Recipe for Real Romance: The Model Marriage (3 of 4) by Jeff Ginn

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A Recipe for Real Romance: The Model Marriage (3 of 4)
Series: Home Improvement: How to Open the Door to a "Home Sweet Home"
Dr. Jeffery B. Ginn
Ephesians 5:21-33
March 11, 2001

1. A woman told her husband, "Honey, you are a model husband." He was quite pleased until he looked up the word model in the dictionary. It said, "a small imitation of the real thing."
2. This morning I want to hold up a genuine model of marriage. One that, if you follow it, will transform your home.
3. I'm so blessed in that I've had some great models to watch. My grandparents, Earl and Pearl have been married over 72 years. My in-laws have been married over fifty. My own parent have been married over 40 years. They have shown me what commitment and love are all about.
4. However, there is a greater model that I'd like to hold up for us all to see this morning. The model is found in Ephesians 5:22-33.
5. Ephesians 5:22 speaks to the wives. 5:25 speaks to the husbands. It is a passage all about marriage. However, notice in particular verse 32: "This is a profound mystery–but I am talking about Christ and the church." Christ's love for the church is model for every husband. The Church's loving response to Christ is the model for every wife. Everything that I'm going to say this morning needs to be heard through that framework.
6. It's a recipe for real romance. It has three ingredients.


1. "Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ."
1. Most of us do not like to submit ourselves to anyone. We like to be #1. I read about an incident in Illinois. When they came out with the idea of vanity plates for vehicles, several hundred applications came in for the license plate, "I'm #1." How did the commissioner resolve this? He issued the plate to himself.
2. Husbands, before you get giddy and wives before you become defensive, let's understand that we are all to submit to one another.
2. The Christian ...

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