Marriage Is Made in Heaven, But Lived on Earth (2 of 4) by Jeff Ginn

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Marriage Is Made in Heaven, But Lived on Earth (2 of 4)
Dr. Jeffery B. Ginn
Series: Home Improvement: How to Open the Door to a "Home Sweet Home"
Genesis 2:18-24
March 4, 2001


1. You have, probably, heard the statement, "Oh, that's a match made in heaven." Well, marriage was made in heaven. It was God's idea. But the problem is this, though marriage was made in heaven, it has to be lived on earth.
2. Perhaps your marriage is like the young couple I heard about. They had one of those big, pull-out-all-the-stops weddings, a lavish reception, a Carribean honeymoon. Everything seemed to be going well until they returned. A couple of days after settling in their new apartment the new bride called her mother. "Oh Mom, it's terrible. Everything was fine on the honeymoon. But once we got back home he's changed. Has he hurt you? No, it's just the language that he is using. He's using terrible, four-letter words. He is?! I can hardly believe it. What has he said? He said, "Cook, dust, iron, wash."
3. This morning I want us to get some help for how to know a taste of heaven in the here and now. God's word shows us how.
4. Genesis 2:18-24.


1. I need your help this morning. Please learn these three words, "It was good." When I indicate, please speak aloud those words.
1. In 1:3 God creates light. In 1:4 God saw that "it was good."
2. Next God creates the sky, land and seas. In 1:10 God saw that "it was good."
3. God then creates vegetation. In 1:12 God saw that "it was good."
4. God creates the sun and moon. In 1:18 He saw that "it was good."
5. Life for the oceans and the air were created and in 1:21 God saw that "it was good."
6. Life for the land was created and in 1:25 God saw that "it was good."
7. The pinnacle of the creation process comes with the creation of man. God forms him from the dust of the ground, puts him in the garden to tend it. It is paradise. But the descrip ...

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