A Nameless Woman that Had Her Back to the Wall by Robert Walker

A Nameless Woman that Had Her Back to the Wall
Robert Walker
II Kings 4:1-6


A martial arts student was meeting with his master and teacher at a table, having tea. The student said to his master, "I've learned all you have to teach me about defending myself. I want to learn one thing more now. Please teach me about the ways of God."

The master took the teakettle and starting pouring the student's cup full of tea. Soon the cup was full and began to spill over onto the saucer. But the master continued to pour the tea until it spilled over the saucer and then onto the floor.

The student finally said, "Stop, stop, the tea is spilling over. The cup can't take any more." The master then looked at the student and said, "You are so full of yourself that there is no room in your life for God. It is not possible for you to learn the ways of God until you learn to empty yourself."

I want you to take a quick look at three things in this passage that stands out about this nameless woman with her back to the wall that couldn't make ends meet.


And around those 3 thoughts God is going to speak to you through what I will share with you.


In the text, we find a woman who is in a predicament that many individuals and many families find themselves in from time to time. She is in a "Rut." You know what a "rut" is don't you? A rut is place where you feel "stuck, helpless and hopeless."

It's a terrible and frustrating place to be in because many times you feel like you haven't done anything to deserve being in a such a place.

Actually she was in a rut It's impressive to me to note the things she wasn't.

Apparently she isn't from royal blood

Nothing indicates that she has great rank, or wealth, or high social status

She apparently wasn't endowed with great
knowledge, or skill

She wasn't strikingly beautiful such as Sarah, or Ba ...

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