Restoring Harmony to Your Home (2 of 7) by Stan Coffey

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Restoring Harmony to Your Home (2 of 7)
Series: How to Build a Marriage that Lasts
Stan Coffey
James 4:1-2; Mark 3:25

For the second of these messages I want to talk about "Restoring Harmony To Your Home". You could say maintaining harmony in your home. Either way maybe harmony needs to be restored. I know there are a lot of marriages hurting today. There are bound to be a lot of marriages that are suffering, a lot of couples that are going through difficult times. And my heart goes out to you. I bring this series of messages to say there is hope. And no matter who you are, there will be from time to time, conflicts that arise. So I want to talk about how to maintain or restore harmony in your marriage, in your home, and in your family.


What causes conflict? Well, competing or conflicting desires bring conflict in a marriage. Somebody said that stage one in a marriage is the happy honeymoon. Stage two is the party is over. And stage three is let's make a deal! Well, the reason for conflict is in James 4.

Those are the words of Jesus. The reason for conflict is all of us have individual desires that are very, very strong. When you married you had desires, your mate had desires, and these will come into conflict from time to time. How many of you have an electric blanket? And how many of you have dual controls on your electric blanket? Amen, because we have conflicting desires, right? We all need two remote controls to every television set. Have you noticed that? It is because we have conflicting and competing desires. And the Bible says that desire to have my way is going to cause a conflict and it is going to affect the harmony, the unity of my mate and I as we travel along the journey of marriage.


Number two, what are the reactions to conflict? When you have a difference of opinion or you have a different desire that conflicts with your mate, how do you hand ...

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