What Think Ye of Christ? by Rex Yancey

What Think Ye of Christ?
Rex Yancey
Matthew 22:41-46

In one of my seminary classes, a student asked the professor how many points a sermon should have. The professor said, "At least one." Today, I want to preach a one-idea sermon. It is not exactly like the one the preacher preached on Bartimaeus. He said, "This morning I have a one- idea sermon on Bartimaeus. He was blind. He was blind as a bat. And, he could not see a lick!"

There is no more important question asked of mortal man than this question, "What think ye of Christ?" This question is not a matter of opinion. Man must be right on this question. Heaven, hell, joy, and misery hinge on the answer to this question. The questioner is Jesus Christ, Himself. The answer these men gave to Jesus was the cross. Though crucified, he rose again and lives today and still asks this question.

Many tragedies occur in life because people don't think. Farmers are swindled, girls are misled and millions in hell because they didn't think. One of the things Father Abraham said to the rich man in hell was "Son, Remember!"

Many times when a politician is trying to get elected he will bring up the name of God. I heard of one politician who was told he was speaking to a group of Atheists and realized there were some Christians in the crowd. He was asked his opinion of whether or not there was a God. He said, "Some of my friends believe in God and some of my friends do not believe in God. I am inclined to agree with my friends!"

This morning I am not dealing with you on your basis of belief in a Supreme Being. Heathens, murderers, adulterers, and even the devils in hell believe in God and tremble in their belief.

There are some organizations that invoke the name of God. However, neither man, nor bodies of men will every approach God apart from the mediation of Jesus Christ. John 14:1-6, "I am the way, the ...

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