Been There, Done That (1 of 7) by Jeff Ginn

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Been There, Done That (1 of 7)
Series: The Big Picture
Dr. Jeffery B. Ginn
Ecclesiastes 1-2

a. Riddle of nine dots squared off. Using four straight lines connect all the dots. You may not lift the pencil from the page. (Lead them through three or four attempts. Then show that it can only be done by getting "out of the box"). You have to have a broader context.
b. Life is a puzzle. It is hard to connect the dots. The good die young. The sweet and fragile are paralyzed. The healthy and vigorous get cancer. The godless partier lives to a ripe old age. No matter how much one acquires, there is still no satisfaction. To connect the dots, to make sense of life, you have to see the big picture!
c. There are several lines you can trace trying to connect the dots but most fail miserably. To connect the dots you have to get outside the box.
d. There was a man once who traced every possible line trying to connect the dots. He came up empty until he got outside the box. His name Solomon. His story Ecclesiastes.
e. Let's read beginning in Eccl. 1. 1:1 (meaningless is a key word in the book. It appears some 35 times), 1:12-14; 2:1-11 and 2:24-25 "under the sun" is the other key phrase. It too appears over 30 times in this book).
f. He tries reason, riches, and relationships but comes up empty. It's as if he says about himself, "Been there. Done That." What would his t-shirt read? It is not life under the sun but life under the Son that satisfies. Life under the sun is meaningless. Life under the Son is meaningful.
a. Search
i. Nature
1. The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind. (1:4-11)
2. Nature tells us of a God's existence and power.
3. Romans 1:19-20, ". . . what may be known about God is plain to [men], because God has made it plain to them. For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being ...

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