From Hurts to Hallelujahs! (5 of 10) by Jeff Ginn

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From Hurts to Hallelujahs! (5 of 10)
Series: From Ruin to Renewal
Dr. Jeffery B. Ginn
Nehemiah 5
October 5, 2003

a. There is a dramatic shift in this chapter. The people go from an outcry to an up cry. They go from a hurt to a hallelujah. They get there because of the leader they had.
b. In many ways Nehemiah pictures the Lord Jesus. He finds us hurt but restores us and brings revival and renewal. He takes us from hurts to hallelujahs. Read Nehemiah 5:1-13.
c. What does a good leader do? Five simple things.

a. They hurt (5:1)
b. He hears (5:6)
i. Grain problem
ii. Greed problem
1. "If you lend money to one of My people among you who is needy, do not be like a moneylender; charge him no interest." Exodus 22:25 (NIV)
a. Price gouging during the most recent Hurricane.
b. Excessive interest. Don't go into debt. We have the Samaritan fund.
c. Consumer debt has doubled since 1990, to $7.5 trillion--more than $50,000 per household, over $25,000 for every man, woman and child in America.
d. The average American family now has debts that exceed its average after-tax income.
e. Percentage of monthly income used to pay consumer debts (credit cards, home equity loans, second mortgage and car loan payments):
i. in 1982: 16
ii. in 1996: 29.5
f. Number of families filing for non-business bankruptcies:
i. in 1982: 320,000
ii. in 1996: 1,100,000
g. Citation: First Chicago NDB; University of Wisconsin, Madison; American Bankruptcy Institute; and cdb Infotek; cited in Chicago Tribune (10/10/96). Leadership, "To Verify."
h. Some of us need "plastic surgery." Cut up those cards! $5,000 debt paid off @ 18% and $100 per month takes 94 months (almost 8) years and costs over $4,300 in interest!
2. "It's much easier to conquer and subdue an enemy who attacks us than it is to forgive and restore a friend who hurts us. Psalm 55:12 ...

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