Breaking the Shackles of Self-Centeredness (4 of 6) by Stan Coffey

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Breaking the Shackles of Self-Centeredness (4 of 6)
Series: Living a Christian Life in an "X" Rated Society
Stan Coffey
2 Timothy 3:1-2

This morning I invite your attention to II Timothy 3:1 in a series of "Living A Christian Life In An "X" Rated Society." Going against the flow, being a light in a world of darkness, being salt in a world that is corrupted by Satan. To preserve how we as believers can live a life that will make a difference in our nation and live a life that will make a difference in our world. Today we are going to talk about "Breaking The Shackles Of Self-Centeredness".

In this passage verse 1 is a verse that has to do with the condition of society in general in the last days. The Bible warns us that it will be an x-rated society; it will be a time when Christians will be going against the flow. When the principles, the values that we hold dear that the Bible teaches will be contrary to what many people are living by and recognizing.

The Living Bible translates or paraphrases that verse to say, "In the last days it is going to be very difficult to be a Christian. For people will love only themselves and their money." Notice that it will be a time when people will love only themselves. You go to the library and look in the computer catalog in the periodic section on some articles on self and you will find many, many categories that deal with current articles in magazines on self. All kinds of articles on self, self approval, self discipline, self esteem, self worth, self awareness, self assertion, self defense, self control, self determination, self enrichment, self expression, self help, self identity, self image, self reliance, self love, self improvement. You will probably not find any article on self-denial but you will find a lot of things being written to encourage people today to focus upon self.

I think you would have to agree that we are living a very self-conscious society. The baby boom generation has been called the "me" generation. And we shouldn't be surprised of this development because the Bible says in the last days there will be predominantly people who are lovers of self.

Now as we look at the lifestyles of the self-centered culture we recognize it in our society in at least three areas. Number one, individualism. Individualism says others don't matter. Its theme song is "I did it my way". It is the assertion of self. It means that other people don't really count. What really counts is what I want in my life. The Bible says, "An unfriendly man pursues selfish end." As you think about people today generally, how they behave in the business world, how they behave on the highway, are people getting more considerate or do you think people are getting more rude? It seems to me people are getting more rude. More protective of self-rights. More protective of self-desires. Well that is individualism. Others don't matter.

And then there is secularism. Secularism say ...

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