The Promise of Guidance by the Holy Spirit! (5 of 12) by David Cawston

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The Promise of Guidance by the Holy Spirit!
Promises Series
David Cawston
John 16:13

Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would be our Guide!

This a marvelous promise from the hand of God. It is wonderful to know that we can have a guide on this spiritual journey of life.
It is so important for us to know that God will guide us into all truth. Do you find it difficult in today's world to be able to know what is truth and what is not. There are so many aspects of life that are filled with smoke and mirrors.

Our society is built on salesmanship and selling at any cost that we never know when we are making the right decision. We never know that what we are hearing is truth. We really don't know what is even best for us. If we feel that vulnerable about daily decisions of life how much more confusing is it when it comes to spiritual things. Jesus though recognized the need for a guide in life and especially in spiritual things.

The Holy Spirit is our guide. He is the one that is come along side.

History of God's Guidance

The pillar of fire and cloud is first mentioned in , where some of its characteristics are described. In the form of cloud by day and fire by night, the pillar was constantly visible to the Israelites. By this phenomenon, God led the people on their journey from the border of Egypt as they marched toward the Promised Land. As a pillar of fire, it gave enough light for the people to travel by night.
The pillar of fire and cloud was also a visible sign or representation of God's presence with His people. In a sense God could be said to be "in" the pillar ; in it He "came down" to the tabernacle of meeting , and "appeared" at the tabernacle .

This ended with the crossing of Jordan


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