The Raising Interest in Religion by David Cawston

The Raising Interest in Religion
David Cawston
Matthew 24:8-14; Joel 2:28-31


The Bible portrays these last days as days of contrast. On one hand there is great disillusionment and disappointment. On the other hand there is a season of unprecedented revival.

As the two texts I have chosen seem to speak of the same time.
It is important for us to realize that we as man have a tendency to respond to cause and effect.

With prosperity and blessing comes apostacy.
With adversity and difficulty comes spirituality.

We are cyclicitic in nature.

In Europe:
Conclusion of a revival era in Europe
Great Missionary endeavor
As a result there had been colonization of Africa and Asia.
The British Empire was at its height
That brought about affluence
The Great War
In U.S.
Conclusion of Settling this great Continent
Period of great hardship.
Revival at the turn of the century in America
Opportunity and blessing
The Great War
To Fast expansionism
Wall Street Crash
Continued renewal in revival
Second World War
End of the 40's
Pride as a Nation
50's Prosperity and Peace
Travel Increased
Discard of Victorian values
Loss of Absolutes
Openmindedness towards other religion
Establisment of Situational Ethics

60's World comes Crumbling down
The Jet age introduced
Civil rights issue
Murder of Martin Luther King
Abortion Leagalized
School Prayer abandoned
Assination of Kenedy
Viet Nam
Flower Children
Divorce on the Rise
Jesus People Revival
70's World Continues to crumble more disillusionment
Rise of Humanism
Oil Crisis
Disgrace of Viet Nam
Disintegration of the American Family
World become smaller through travel
Interest in Eastern religions
Deceit of Government Watergate
Moral decline
Iran Hostage Crisis
Terrorism increased
Financial Crisis
Rise in the New Age
Sciento ...

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