How Big Is Your God? by Duane Bemis

How Big Is Your God?
Duane Bemis
Matthew 7:3-5

So, how big is your God? Now that might sound like a stupid question but I have found that Christians have a tendency to place their God in very small boxes. Let me explain what I mean. I find many people, with good intentions, have God all figured out. I have heard many Christians who think that God will heal every time they can believe hard enough. Others place the blame for unanswered prayer requests squarely upon the individual that is sick. I have heard many Christians say that there must be sin in that individual and that is why God will not heal them. I'm sure that there are those who are in sin and trouble just seems to follow them, hence their prayers are not answered. But I want you all to learn to go just where our Lord is headed. I have been with those who are going through their own personal Job experience. Remember it was Job's friends who spoke condescending to Job and God declared that they did not have the counsel of God within their words.

So how big is your God? I want you to think you way through this article. Let us not point the finger at anyone else let us examine our own hearts. The greatest single thing you can ever do for yourself is to look squarely into ones own heart first. Or as Jesus said it, "And why do you look at the speck in you brothers eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you saw to your brother, 'Let me remove the speck." (Matthew 7:3-5) The journey I am about to take you on is the very path I have traveled with my God. And my God is turning out to be "BIGGER" than I ever imagined. No, He is even "BIGGER" than that. But if I can enlarge your vision of God then we will be able to conquer and overtake even larger areas of ground for the Lord. The Lord God Almighty must receive all the glory for the following text. I desire everyone that will read this article to praise Him and not the messenger. I, the messenger am nothing more than an obedient donkey. You know, the one that talked to Balam.

Let us begin with a word of prayer, "Father God, expand our thinking, our mindset, and our imagination for we need a "BIG" God. Manifest Yourself to us as we set out to look deeper into the things of God. Lord, we need a "BIG" God in order to walk everyday in victory. I need a "BIG" God in order to accomplish all that You have for me. Challenge us to come up to Your level and feast with You where the banner over us is love. Come Lord Jesus and anoint these words to reflect what it is that You want to say to the reader. Amen and amen."

A young lady and her brother ran franticly into church one Wednesday night. We had just completed the youth revival service when she appeared. She asked for a Hispanic pastor to come to her house for her father was dying. She wanted us to talk to him and guide him to the Lord. I told her that I did not know how to speak Spanish but I did have an interpreter and we were willing to go with them. The young la ...

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