The Challenge Of Time (1 of 4) by Stan Coffey

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The Challenge Of Time (1 of 4)
Stan Coffey
I Corinthians 7:29

I am excited about a New Year aren't you? God is the giver of new things. And the Bible tells us in the New Testament He gives us a message of life and when we receive the message of life He gives us a new birth. And when He gives us a new birth He gives us a new nature. And after He gives us a new nature He gives us a new life. And some day the Bible says, He is going to give us a new body and we are going to live in a new heaven and new earth forever with Him. And it all begins when we come to know Him. God is a wonderful God and He has given us a New Year. And what a wonderful joy it is to know that God is the God of beginning again. He is the God of second chance. He is the God who wants to give us a wonderful New Year.

I want to speak today from I Corinthians 7:29 and I want to speak on the subject "The Challenge of Time". I think we are not aware of time at any other particular time of the year, as we are when we begin a new year. And we realize that time is moving on. And what an exciting age in which we live. I would rather live now than to have lived when Jesus was here. I would rather live now than any other time. I think we live in the most exciting days of history. And here is a statement about time in I Corinthians 7:29. We could have turned to many, many places in the Word of God and found exactly the same thought, the same teaching, the same instruction from the Holy Spirit. But I simply want to call your attention to the words of Paul.

1 Corinthians 7:29 "But this I say, brethren, the time is short..."

I want us just to concentrate on this theme and this phrase "time is short". Paul writes to the Corinthians and he reminds them about the challenge of time, simply time is short. Now the scientists today would tell us that time is short. And the Bible tells us that time is short. And even the newspapers warn us that our time is short. And something deep within our hearts verifies that truth. That time is short.

And in the time in which we live, we have seen so many tremendous changes take place in technology. Most of the knowledge, most of the information that God has given to mankind He has given to mankind in the last century of time. From the days of the Lord Jesus Christ until 1830 man could not travel any faster than a horse. Then in 1960 man went into outer space to travel at the rate of 18,000 miles an hour and now we have the marvelous space shuttles of the 1980's. We have developed so much and learned so much in such a brief span of time.

Several years ago Dr. Vance Habner was traveling to a speaking engagement and there sat by his side a stranger. And they were talking about the tremendous rate at which man was discovering new thoughts in education and new developments in medicine and new technologies in science. And they were talking about all the wonderful things that man had discover ...

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