JONAH: A Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting in the Whale-A-Day Inn! (7 of 7) by Steve Wagers

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JONAH: A Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting in the Whale-A-Day Inn! (7 of 7)
Series: Leading Us in Prayer Will Be...
Steve N. Wagers
Jonah 2:1-10

Sermon Outline
1. A Bewildered Man's Reproach!
A. The Location that Troubled Him!
B. The Vexation that Tormented Him!
C. The Situation that Terrified Him!
2. A Burden Man's Request!
A. He Remembers His Obligation to God!
B. He Renews His Dedication for God!
3. A Blessed Man's Release!
A. An Awareness of the Sovereignty of God!
B. An Appreciation of the Sympathy of God!

1. Golfer Arnold Palmer once played a series of exhibition matches in Saudi Arabia. The king was so impressed that he purposed to give Palmer a gift. Palmer humbly declined saying, "It really isn't necessary, your Highness. I'm honored to have been invited." The king replied, "I would be deeply upset if you do not allow me to give you a gift." Palmer accepted and said, "All right. How about a golf club? That would be a wonderful momento of my visit to your country."

2. The next morning, delivered to Arnold Palmer's hotel room was the title to a golf club. Thousands of acres, trees, lakes, a clubhouse and so forth. The king had granted the request of Arnold Palmer by giving him a golf club. Arnold Palmer later said that he had learned that in the presence of a king, don't ask for small gifts.

3. As we come to Jonah 2, we find Jonah praying. It is a Wednesday night prayer in the whale-a-day inn, and while Jonah is in the presence of the King of Kings, he is not asking for small gifts.

4. The story of Jonah is a very familiar one. The scene closes in the previous chapter as Jonah is thrown from a ship and swallowed by a great fish, which the Lord had "prepared" for him.

5. The curtain goes up on this scene, in Jonah 2: 1, with the words, "And Jonah prayed." There doesn't seem to be an interlude, or an intermission. Jonah is swallowed by a great fish, and we immediately find him in prayer.

6. As Jonah leads us in prayer tonight, from the whale-a-day inn, we learn 3 things from a bewildered man, a burdened man and a blessed man. First of all, notice:


1. We read in verses 1-2, "Then Jonah prayed unto the LORD his God out of the fish's belly. And said, I cried by reason of mine affliction unto the LORD, and he heard me; out of the belly of hell cried I, andthou heardest my voice."

2. Once Jonah is engulfed by this great fish, he finds himself in a most undesirable place. He is a bewildered man who is facing great reproach because of his disobedience to God. His reproach is a result of:


1. We must remember that it was God who had allowed Jonah to board a runaway ship, headed in the complete opposite direction from God wanted him to go. It was God who permitted Jonah to be thrown overboard. It was God who had designed, appointed and prepared a great fish to swallow him. Now, it was God who had dr ...

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