The Glory of God to the God of Glory! by Steve Wagers

The Glory of God to the God of Glory!
Steve N. Wagers
Ephesians 3:21

Sermon Outline
1. The Glory of God REVEALED!
a. Biblical Revelations of His Glory!
B. Historical Revelations of His Glory!
2. The Glory of God REMOVED!
a. The Cause that Precedes its Removal!
B. The Consequence that Proves its Removal!
3. The Glory of God REQUIRED!

1. The Bible is a wonderful book. You will find blessing in a book. You will find comfort in a chapter. You will find victory in a verse. You will find wonder in a word. One such word, which to me has always been filled with wonder, is the word--GLORY.

2. I did a study on the word "glory" a number of
years ago and found that it occurs almost 400 times in the entire Bible. I discovered that the word for "glory" in the Old Testament and New Testament carried the idea of weight or worth. Thus, glory is an outward manifestation of an inward reality. When the Bible speaks of the glory of God it means, to my understanding, the essential presence of God in all of His splendor as He reveals Himself to men.

3. Wherever God is, there is glory. Whatever God does, it is glorious. Without God, there could be no glory; and, without glory, there would be no God. They are inseparably linked together. God is glory, and glory is God. With that in mind, our text verse becomes all that more glorious. It reminds us of the duty of the saints to give the glory of God to the God of glory.

4. The story is told of a certain woodpecker who flew up to the top of a high pine tree and gave three hard pecks on the side of the tree. About that time, a bolt of lightening struck the tree leaving it on the group, a heap of splinters. The woodpecker flew, in sheer terror, to a nearby tree, and in amazement looked at what had taken place.

5. There it hung, expecting more to follow, but as all remained quiet and still, the woodpecker began to chuckle to himself sayi ...

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