Toys R Us Christians by Ernest Easley

Toys R Us Christians
Ernest Easley
1 Corinthians 3.1-3

In this letter Paul writes: "Toys R Us Baptist Church" -of Corinth

A lot like other Baptists
-they met each Sunday
-had great singing (hymns of faith)
-How Great Thou Art, Leaning of Everlasting Arms, Just as I am, I Surrender All

If you listened closely
-above the voices
-hear a soft melody
-"I Don't Want to Grow Up ... I'm a Toys R Us X-ian"

-Many of our churches
-filled with Toys R Us X-ians
-got their bibs on / sitting in high chair
-sucking on a bottle!

Paul is writing to these folks
-they are spiritual infants
-they could have a steak and potatoes
-they were satisfied with milk

You say:
"Pastor ... do we have spiritual infants in our church?"
-Yes we do ... they're in every church
-listen closely and see if are one of them!


Paul describes infants as:
-"men of flesh"
-what does that mean?

Galatians 5.19-21

1. Infants are Self-Centered (feed me, hold me, change me, help me) (mine!)
-same with spiritual infants (world revolves around them) (do it their way)

2. Infants are Screamers (cry if don't get their way)
-same with spiritual infants (whine and gripe to the church) (they cause splits v. 20)

3. Infants are Slackers (they just sleep and eat, don't give anything)
-same with spiritual infants (do nothing productive for the kingdom)
(just enjoy benefits of others labors)

4. Infants are Spoonfed (cannot feed themselves) (others provide nourishment)
-same with spiritual infants (rely on others to feed them) preacher and SS teacher
-Heb. 5.12-13 (you should be feeding others ... but you must still be fed!)

5. Infants are Shallow (not a lot of depth) (just baby talk)
-same with spiritual infants (roots go down 1 inch ... no spiritual depth)

6. Infants are Susceptible (they're at mercy of others) (they are very vul ...

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