The Believer's Strong Consolation by Ken Trivette

The Believer's Strong Consolation
Ken Trivette
Hebrews 6:17-20

A) A Promise That Was Given
B) A Promise That Was Guaranteed
A) The Problems We Face
B) The Place We Find
A) The Anticipation of a Better Life
B) The Assurance of a Better Life

There is the story of how it was announced that the devil was going to sell all his tools. On the day of the big sale all his tools were attractively displayed. There was envy, jealously, hatred, malice, deceit, sensuality, pride, idolatry, along with many other tools he had used. Each of the tools was marked with its own price tag. Over in the corner, sitting by itself, was an old worn tool that was marked much higher than all the other tools. Someone asked the devil what it was and he answered, "That is discouragement." Another asked, "Why is it marked so much higher than other tools seeing that it so worn?" The devil answered, "Because, it is more useful to me than all the others. I can pry open and get into a person's heart with that tool when none of the others will work. It is well-worn because I use it on everybody I can." The story goes that the tool was marked so high that nobody could afford to buy it and that it still belongs to the devil and often used by him.

I think most of us would agree that discouragement is a popular and powerful tool of the devil, because most of us have had the devil use the tool on us. Amy Carmichael said, "Everywhere the perpetual endeavor of the enemy of souls is to discourage." The devil loves to get us discouraged and he is constantly working to get us discouraged.

I doubt that I am speaking to anyone who has not been discouraged. Sometimes it comes like a dry, barren wind off the desert of life, making our soul and spirit wither. At other times it comes like a chilling mist, seeping into our souls, numbing the spirit and fogging our paths.

Some of ...

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