Why Do People Reject Jesus? by Ken Trivette

Why Do People Reject Jesus?
Ken Trivette
Isaiah 53:3

A) How Contemptibly He Was Rejected
B) How Casually He Was Rejected
C) How Continually He Was Rejected
A) The Work of Christ
B) The Worth of Christ
A) The Foolishness of Their Rejection
B) The Folly of Their Rejection

Art Linkletter, in his book Yes, You Can!, told of an occasion when Walt Disney drove him to a piece of deserted property near Anaheim, California. As the two walked the property, Disney began to paint a picture of a theme park he wanted to build. He described in great detail his dream. Disney encouraged Linkletter to buy the land surrounding his, explaining that he could, in return, sell it to developers who would build motels and restaurants on the property. Linkletter recalled thinking that Disney's dream was a fantasy that wouldn't appeal to people and respectfully declined the offer. Disney would go on to build his theme park as we know as Disneyland. Linkletter estimates that he lost approximately one million dollars per step that day by not buying into Disney's dream and accepting his offer.
There has been a far greater offer made to you and me than Disney's offer to Linkletter. It is the greatest offer that has ever been made. Of course, I am referring to the offer that has been made by the Lord Jesus to come unto Him and be saved. It is the greatest offer ever made because there is nothing greater that can happen to a person than being saved.
Sadly and tragically, as great as this offer is, many have and do turn this offer down. Jesus said to certain Jews, "Ye will not come to me, that ye might have life" (John 5:40). In John 1:11 we read, "He came unto His own, and His own received Him not." It happens Sunday after Sunday in Church after Church. People are made the greatest offer the world has ever known, yet they turn the offer down.
Paul preached to Agr ...

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