The Children of Israel and the Brook Zered (4 of 5) by Ken Trivette

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The Children of Israel and the Brook Zered (4 of 5)
Series: Bible Brooks
Ken Trivette
Deuteronomy 2:13-14

(A) Our Response to His Will
(B) Our Reliance on His Word
(A) A Purpose That Was Never Realized
(B) A Place That Was Never Reached
(A) The Delay That Was Ended
(B) The Direction That Was Encouraged

As we continue looking at Bible Brooks, we come to our fourth brook. We have considered Jesus and the brook Cedron, Elijah and the brook Cherith, and the Spies and the brook Eshcol. In this study we are going to look at certain events that are associated with the brook Zered. As we shall see, the events associated with the brook Zered are closely connected to the events that we saw associated with the brook Eshcol.

The brook Zered is called the "brook of the willows" in Isaiah 15:7 and the "river of the wilderness" in Amos 6:4. It is a stream that runs approximately 38 miles in length and empties into the southern end of the Dead Sea. It separates Moab from Edom.

In our last study, as we looked at the events surrounding the brook Eshcol, we saw the unbelief of the children of Israel and the consequences of that unbelief; consequences that casts its shadow over the crossing of the brook Zered. Their distrust and disobedience resulted in a generation prohibited from entering the land of Canaan. As we come to the crossing of the brook Zered, thirty-eight years have passed from that event. The crossing of the brook Zered marks the end of the wandering of the children of Israel in the wilderness and beginning of their entrance into the land.

As we look at the children of Israel crossing the brook Zered, it speaks to us of how at this very hour God is calling each of us to arise and get over the brook into Canaan. Let's look at the events surrounding their crossing the brook Zered and consider three important lessons.

First, think with me of:


We ...

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