A Call to Conquest by Adrian Rogers

A Call to Conquest
Adrian Rogers
Joshua 1:10

Alright, take your bibles please and turn to the book of Joshua. We're taking a journey with Joshua now and we're preaching verse by verse through Joshua though not necessarily touching every verse, but hitting the high points in this marvelous, wonderful book. And as we said last week as we journey with Joshua we're going to see great massive walls fall before us, we're going to see rivers open up so we can go through, we're going to see giants flee from before us and all of this its an illustration of the victorious life that we're to live as Christians. For the bible says that all of these things happen to them for examples to us so this is more than history, this teaches us in the new testament living here in Memphis, Tennessee that our lives are to be lives of conquests and the book of Joshua is an illustration of this glowing truth. You see, ladies and gentleman, for you and you and for you and for all of those of you there is a promise land of victory today over the giants of despair and fear and disobedience and doubts and walls of resistance are to fall from before you and rivers of trouble are to dry up at your feet. You say, brother Rogers, it's about time that it started happening for me. Well, then pay attention as we study today in this scripture, GOD'S CALL TO CONQUEST, GOD'S

Reading in Joshua chapter one, beginning in verse ten, then Joshua commanded the officers of the people saying, pass through the host and command the people saying, prepare you victuals; now children that word victuals means food. If you're from the country you would say prepare vittles. Prepare you victuals; for within three days ye shall pass over this Jordan, to go in to possess the land which the Lord your God giveth you to possess. There is a land for you to possess today. There is a promise land for you there's a place where the roses of Sharon are blooming in profusion and filling the air with their fragrance. There is a place where the fruit of the spirit love, joy, gentleness, goodness, mercy, temperance, faith, grows in clusters and hangs from every vine. There is a place, a land flowing with milk and honey. There is a place for you dear friend to find rest, not just someday, but now today God's people are to be living victoriously. There is a promise land of rest for you, not someday, now, now. Oh, there's heaven in the sweet by and by but there's to be victory in the nasty now and now. You are to know victory today; there is a promise land for You.

YOU SEE, let's remember the picture now and the typology. God brought the Jews out of Egypt, that's a picture of our being redeemed by the blood of the lamb for the Passover lamb as stained that night. God brought them through the wilderness, the wilderness experience typifies a carnal Christian. A carnal Christian means an immature Christian. But then there was the land of Canaan, they entered into the land of Canaan, the promi ...

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