A Happy Father's Day by Jerry Vines

A Happy Father's Day
Jerry Vines
Psalms 128

This is Father's Day. I remind all of the fathers that we take second place on this very special day. The biggest day is not Father's Day, but the biggest day is Mother's Day. You do understand that, don't you? If you don't understand that, there's an article in the newspaper today that will help you just a little bit.

Seventy two percent of Americans plan to celebrate Father's Day. Eighty one point eight percent celebrated Mother's Day. Seventy four point three percent of consumers say that they will buy dad a greeting card. Thirty six percent will buy a necktie. Forty one point six percent plan a special outing with dad. Eight billion or so will be spent on fathers. Ten point four three billion was spent on mothers. The average cost of a Father's Day gift is forty two dollars. The average cost of a Mother's Day gift is sixty three dollars. Dads, we don't get a whole lot of respect. You know that, don't you?

We are more and more understanding the importance of a father in the family. Recent studies have made clear what we have known all along and what the Bible has taught all along. God intends in the ideal family for there to be a godly mother and also for there to be a godly father. This is the way God has designed marriage. This is the way God intends for it to be.

According to the Bible, marriage is to be a union between a man and a woman. In the ideal family, God intends for there to be a mother and a father for those children. That is the way the Bible has designed it. When you want to know what the father is supposed to be, then you go to the Bible to try to find out what a father is intended to be.

One of the things I love about the Bible is that the Bible tells us the real. It also tells us the ideal. You find the real in the Bible. You find fathers that were good fathers and you find fathers that were bad fathers. The author of many of the Psalms in the Bible was David. He was one of the greatest men in the Bible and recorded history, and yet when you study the life of David you will find that he was a success as a king but he was a failure as a father. The Bible tells the real in a situation.

The Bible also presents us the ideal. It shows us in the Bible principles and models and examples of how a father is intended to be, what God wants a father to be.

When I go to the Word of God, I want to get some help for you dads. I want to set out the ideal, though none of us ever reach the ideal. It is something for us to strive for.

I. Give Attention to Your Faith.
This morning I'm looking at what I call the ''Happy Father's Day Psalm.'' If you want to be a happy father and if you want to have a happy Father's Day, the first thing this Psalm points out to us is that you have to give attention to your faith.

You will notice in the opening two verses of this Psalm that it talks about faith and a man's faith. We now understand that a real key to faith in a famil ...

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