Animals and Horns (12 of 18) by Jerry Vines

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Animals and Horns
Daniel (12 of 18)
Jerry Vines
Daniel 7:1-8, 15-17

We come now to the second major division in the prophecy given to the prophet Daniel. For the most part, the first six chapters had to do with personal matters relating to the life of this man Daniel. As a young person, you will recall, he was carried away captive into the land of Babylon. There he was trained to be a specialist in Jewish affairs in the government of the Babylonians. For all of his life, through a series of transfers of power, Daniel had served in the administrations.

We have seen some tremendous exploits on the life of Daniel. We have seen the power of God in and the miracles which God has wrought in his life through all six chapters that we have studied. With one exception, the second chapter, the early chapters have to do with personal matters relating to Daniel's life. In the seventh chapter through the conclusion of the book, we have the prophecies which God gave to this man, Daniel. We have God revealing to Daniel matters that are going to come to pass in the future. The things which Daniel saw and wrote down, we're going to study. These are events that would take place beyond the lifetime of Daniel himself. It places us squarely in the middle of Bible prophecy.

A lot of the Bible has much to do with prophecy. As you study all through the Bible, you will find these different predictions and prophecies which are made. In fact, some of the greatest prophecies, I would say the primary prophecies given to us in the Old Testament and then into the New Testament, have to do with the first and second coming of the Lord Jesus.

Someone has said there are over 300 prophecies having to do with Christ. Every one of those prophecies, which were predicted about the first coming of Jesus Christ, was predicted in detail when He came. There are now other prophecies which have been made about the second coming of our Lord. If all of the prophecies concerning His first coming have taken place, we can be confident that the prophecies concerning His second coming will also take place.

We study prophecy because it shows us the fulfillment in the Lord Jesus Christ. It also gives us confidence about the promises God makes to us concerning the future.

I'm preaching on heaven and everything I'm having to do with the subject of heaven is really prophecy concerning what God's going to do in the future.

When we look to the past and see what God has done and how He fulfilled His promises, then we can look with confidence to the future. Every promise which God has made to us, we can believe that one of these days it is going to come to pass!

Another reason we study Bible prophecy is to see the tremendous power of God and to see that what He says He will bring to pass. God is an omnipotent God. He's all powerful. God is an omnipresent God. He is present everywhere. But God is also an omniscient God. God knows everythi ...

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