Not by Works of Self-Righteousness (9 of 15) by Daniel Rodgers

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Not by Works of Self-Righteousness (9 of 15)
The Book of Philippians: A Verse By Verse Study
Dan Rodgers
Philippians 3:1-9


In our lesson last week we talked about the exemplary Christian life and how Paul, Timothy and Epaphroditus set the example for all of us. They taught us how to live, how to love others, how to show compassion and how to lift of the name of Jesus.

Tonight I want us to turn our attention to chapter three and Paul's discussion of self-righteousness verses our righteousness in Christ. Let me give you three points:

I. Avoiding Satan's Lies
II. Understanding God's Laws
III. Believing Christ's Truths


Satan presents his lies in two ways.

A. Through deception: Let us remember that Satan was a deceiver from the beginning. He will do all he can to deceive people into thinking that what they believe and what they practice are right in line with God's teachings.

ILLUS: The fastest growing religion in the world today is Islam. According to one report, "Islam has a world-following in excess of one billion devotees, about 20% are in the Middle East, with the largest concentration of Muslims in Indonesia. There are over 4 million Moslems living in America---which means that there are about twice as many Moslems in the US as Episcopalians!"1

Islam is a deceptive religion based on a system of works. It is supported by the erroneous teachings of the Koran, and if followed, will lead men to hell. Of course, this is Satan's ultimate goal.

2 John 1:7, "For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist."

Satan was using the Jewish leaders and the O. T. Law of circumcision to teach goods work apart from the finished work of Christ. They were deceivers. Paul referred to them as "dogs" and "evil workers." Here's what Jesus said to them: "Ye are of your father the devil, ...

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