Lord, Send Someone Else! (5 of 5) by Dennis Marquardt

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The 5 Excuses of Moses (5 of 5)
Lord, Send Someone Else!
Dennis Marquardt
Exodus 4:13-17

INTRO: One of the things we humans learn to do early in life is to "make excuses" ... this art is developed to avoid a most difficult thing called "work" or "responsibilities!" From our youngest days we have learned to say, "But, he did it first," or "they made me..." or "do I have to?" to escape responsibility or hard work.

As we get older our excuses become more sophisticated and varied:

1. Tommy Smothers used to complain, "Mother always loved you best." The "blame the childhood" syndrome!
2. "If you only knew my wife you would understand..."
3. "If I only had the time...."
4. "I'd tithe too if I had your income..."
5. "If Church only started at 10:30 instead of 10:00 I would be on time."
6. "I could have made it to Church last week if the fish weren't biting so well"
7. "I'd become a Christian if it weren't for all the hypocrites in Church."
8. "I know someone who would be just perfect for that job..."
9. And then the ultimate copout: "LORD, SEND SOMEONE ELSE!"

Moses had tried 4 other excuses that sounded better first, but with no success he finally reveals the real nature behind all the excuses, he simply doesn't want to do it!

PROP. SENT. The Bible reveals that excuses only complicate our walk with God and waste time and energy in doing His will in our life. God's call on our life comes with no excuses!


A. Duty & Responsibility! 4:13a
1. Moses was running out of good sounding excuses, so he finally resorts to a ridiculously obvious one: "send someone else!"
a. This gets to the heart of the real issue; he simply doesn't want to respond to God's call on his life and lead Israel out of Egypt!
b. His other excuses had contained some elements of truth, his slow speech, concern about not being believed; but now the real issue comes out, he just didn't want to do it!


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