The Man Who Kissed the Door to Heaven and Then Turned and Went to Hell (2 of 12) by Stan Coffey

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Look and Live (2 of 12)
The Man Who Kissed the Door to Heaven and Then Turned and Went to Hell
Stan Coffey
Matthew 26:47-50

If you have your bible I want to invite your attention to Matthew's gospel. Today we are going to preach a message on "The Man Who Kissed The Door To Heaven And Then Turned And Went To Hell." How close to heaven could you be than to kiss the door of heaven, amen?


This man Judas. I want you to notice the crime of Judas first of all. There can be no doubt about his crime. For the price of thirty pieces of silver we are told, Judas Iscariot betrayed the only perfect man who ever lived. He betrayed his Master, he betrayed his friend, he betrayed his confidant, and he betrayed the one that had done more for him than anyone else on this earth. And yet Judas was willing for the price of a common slave, to hand Jesus over to His enemies.

You know, I am thankful to God that out of the war of Iraq there has come a tremendous emphasis on loyalty to the United States of America. I believe that our country needed this. And I believe that God has worked in a mighty way to focus attention on the fact that if we as a nation will be loyal and true and if we will pray and if we will depend upon God, God will honor us in what we do.

A few years ago I was amazed when those marines in the Soviet Union, our marines who were stationed there at our Embassy in Moscow, for the price of sexual favors gave away valuable secrets to the Soviets. I mean for such a cheap tawdry price, they were willing to sell out their flag, they were willing to sell out their country, they were willing to turn their back on the fighting men whose blood stained foreign soil in order that you and I be free. And I thought how could they be such traders and such ingrates particularly when they were in such an honored position. And then not long after that, there was a family in the United States Navy, a father and son, who were found ...

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