The Trivialization of God (35 of 42) by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey Of The Book Of Romans (35 of 42)
The Trivialization of God
Rick Ferguson
Romans 11:33-36

Opening . . . Can I tell you one of the things that most frightens me about the current status of Christianity in America today? . . . It is The Trivialization of God!

I fear we have lost our sense of absolute awe and wonder toward God, and have refashioned the True and Living, Transcendent God of the Bible into a god of our own liking who engenders no more reverence or respect than a good golfing buddy . . .

We have created a "Bubba god." He's soft and cuddly . . . but he is pretty impotent, undemanding and inoffensive.

We have made him into a "user-friendly" god for the "seeker-sensitive" church.

Others are fashioning for themselves a utilitarian god who's primary reason for existing is to be manipulated by our 'faith formulas' and 'flesh-demands' to give us whatever we determine is our right to possess and claim.

He is the god of the prosperity cult.

He is a fully manageable deity. If you think I am over-reacting, just listen to some of the titles from the local Christian bookstore . . .
• The Law of Prosperity Kenneth and Gloria Copeland
• How To Write Your Own Ticket With God, Kenneth Hagin
• You Can Have What You Say, Kenneth Hagin
• The Wall Street Gospel, Joe Magliato
• How God Taught Me Prosperity, Kenneth Hagin Jr.
• God's Plan For Financial Prosperity, Elbert Willis
• Living In Divine Prosperity, Jerry Savelle

Neither of these represents the Holy, Almighty, Transcendent God of the Bible. One of these is a god for the "seeker sensitive" and the other is the god of the "lust of the flesh."

You tell me . . . Am I being unfairly critical of the church today?

Do you also sense that we have lost the awe, wonder and fear of God that we should have . . . and would have, if we really understood Him?

You tell me . . . Where is the fear of God in our lives, our culture . . . or even our ...

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