The Greatest Enterprise of All Time - The Enterprise of Global Evangelization (31 of 42) by Rick Ferguson

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The Greatest Enterprise of All Time - The Enterprise of Global Evangelization (31 of 42)
Series: A Solid Place to Stand - A Doctrinal Survey of the Book of Romans
Rick Ferguson
Romans 10:11-15


(1) How would you like to participate in the most important mission of all times?

This mission has greater historical significance than President Nixon's 1972 visit to Beijing and the opening of China to international commerce and trade, and diplomacy.

This mission has greater historical significance than President George Bush, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Helmut Kohl united efforts to bring down the Berlin wall and essentially bring an end to the Cold War.

EX. The Denver Post (Nov. 9, 1999, section A, p.1) covered the 10th anniversary of the destruction of the Berlin Wall. It said,...

Ten years after their artful diplomacy toppled the Berlin Wall, Mikhail Gorbachev, George Bush, and Helmut Kohl gathered among the ghostly traces of the hated Cold War symbol Monday to take their bows and reflect on the hopes and fears of November 9th, 1989, when the world as they knew it changed overnight.

Many of you remember these historical diplomatic missions that did indeed change our world.... But the mission I am talking about today it of such greater historical magnitude and significance, it makes these peace missions seem like a Boy Scout Jamboree in comparison.

(2) If you had an opportunity to participate in an enterprising venture that was guaranteed to succeed, there was no possibility of failure, would you be interested?

(3)Would you be interested in a humanitarian enterprise that would be more beneficial to people than anything ever attempted or discovered in all of history.

This humanitarian enterprise would be unequivocal in its contribution to people's lives.

It is bigger and more beneficial than anything you can imagine.
It is of greater magnitude than...
A cure for cancer
The global alleviation of malnutrition and starvation,
The total elimination of illiteracy, poverty, infectious disease,
The global elimination of the use of land minds
Global nuclear disarmament
The end of all international conflicts and wars
The cessation of all environmental pollution

I mean this is a cause that has greater magnitude than
The protection of the world's rain forests
The protection of endangered species
The world's fresh water supply...
I'm telling you this enterprise is huge.... Really huge.
And you can get in on it and be a part of it.
I'm telling you... This is literally the opportunity of a lifetime.
It is the opportunity for you to invest your life in something that will really make an impact on your world
It is the opportunity for you to leave a real legacy.
Are you interested?....

The enterprise of which I speak is the Global Missionary Enterprise of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
You see my friend... More important than...
Saving baby seals
Saving vast rain forests
Saving fresh water
Sav ...

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