A Life Management System that Works: Thinking in the Spirit (20 of 42) by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey Of The Book Of Romans (20 of 42)
A Life Management System that Works: Thinking in the Spirit
Rick Ferguson
Romans 8:5-8

Question: Can I ask you a very important question about yourself today?...


• Most of you are probably going to answer that in the Affirmative... I mean after all you went to the trouble effort to be in church today when you could be doing a million and one other things.
• You might be surprised to discover that most Americans consider themselves to be spiritual minded people. But the average person today has a different definition of what it means to be spiritual minded than most of us have, and certainly one that is different than what the Bible gives.

EX. The average person thinks he/she is spiritual minded because they have periodical passing thoughts and interest in things like Angels, Life after death, God, Meditation, Dream interpretations, Psychic phenomenon, Para-psychology, Dream catchers, Mantras, Astro-projections, Crystals

Or some people feel they are spiritual minded just because they have a love of nature.

As Christians, we understand that the Bible teaches that a "Spiritual-minded" person is a person whose thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and world view are governed by scripture and under the direct control of the Holy Spirit of God.

So, from a biblical definition (as opposed to a cultural definition) can I ask you the question once again... DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF TO BE A SPIRITUAL MINDED PERSON?

Do you agree, that a person's entire life is ultimately governed and shaped by...
• How you think, and
• What you believe.

Proverbs 23:7 says, "As (a man) thinks in his heart... so is he."

I believe that is exactly why Satan wages such an intense battle over our minds, because he knows if he can influence or control our thoughts and believes.... Then he can influence or control our emotions and our ...

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