A Life-Management System that Works (17 of 42) by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey Of The Book Of Romans (17 of 42)
A Life-Management System that Works
(The Flesh vs. The Spirit)
Rick Ferguson
Romans 8:1-17

INTRODUCTION: I recently was visiting with a man, and I asked him for permission to tell him about a way to manage his life that works. I asked if I could explain to him the difference between a "Self-managed" life and a "Christ-managed" life.

His response to me was, "I'm listening, because the management system I'm using now sure isn't working. My system is not working."

Today I want to ask permission to talk to you about the same topic. I want to try to explain to you the differences between a "SELF-MANAGED" life and a "CHRIST-MANAGED" life....

And by the way... The differences between the two systems and strategies for living are both ENORMOUS and ETERNAL!!!

I have to wonder if some of you are not sensing what that man was sensing, and that is, your system for managing your life just is not working, and you are open to hearing about A LIFE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM THAT DOES WORK.

That is what I want to talk to you about today...


And as you read chapter 8 of Romans, one can not help but notice the great contrast between TWO CONTRASTING LIFE-MAGAGEMENT STRATEGIES.

• Two very different ways to live your life
• Two very contrasting ways of living


And so as believers we must make a choice every day of our lives, in fact every minute of our lives, in every circumstance and situation we face, we must make a choice as to which controlling disposition we will yield...

• Will we be controlled by our own self-centered flesh... or...
• Will we be controlled by the Holy Spirit of God (and live a Christ centered life).

How about you today?... Are you "Walking according to the FLESH or according to the SPIRIT?"

Notice the predicted outcomes of each c ...

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