How to Be Right with God: The Doctrine of Justification by Faith (7 of 42) by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey Of The Book Of Romans (7 of 42)
How to Be Right with God: The Doctrine of Justification by Faith
Rick Ferguson
Romans 3:27-4:25

Introduction: I told you when we began this study in the Book of Romans we would find portions of its content and message to be very uncomfortable.... Even offensive.

Romans forcefully moves us to abandon or "Man-Centered" thinking and move toward "God-Centered" thinking. This is never comfortable for us.

Today we come to another one of those great "water-shed" doctrines that separates true Christianity from every false religious system in the world. It is the great doctrine of Justification By Faith.

NOTE: This doctrine, when rightly understood, should be received as the most wonderful news we have ever heard. But because we begin our lives from a "Self-centered" orientation, rather than a "God-centered" orientation.... we rebel against this great incredible doctrine of grace, and we are offended by it.

In fact, we have already bumped into this doctrine in chapter 3.

• Romans 3 Articulates the doctrine of Justification by Faith
• Romans 4 Illustrates the doctrine of Justification by Faith (Using the famous Old Testament Patriarch Abraham to prove the eternal principle of Justification by Faith)

You see, the great question of all thinking people is simply this... "HOW CAN A PERSON BE RIGHT WITH GOD?"

• How do sinful people get right with a perfectly holy and just God?
• How can sinful people be brought into a right relationship with God?
• How can guilty people, who have violated everything God is, and offended Him at the deepest level of His being... How can we be reconciled to this perfectly Holy God we have defiantly offended?

And the Bible's answer to that question, the Gospel's answer to that question is... "THE WAY TO BE RIGHT WITH GOD IS TO BE JUSTIFIED BY FAITH in Jesus Christ ALONE."

Romans 5:1 is the theme verse of this incredible book and i ...

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