I Am...(Not) Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ (3 of 42) by Rick Ferguson

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A Solid Place to Stand: A Doctrinal Survey of the Book of Romans (3 of 42)
I Am...(Not) Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ
Rick Ferguson
Romans 1:16-17

INTRODUCTION: I want to re-visit a passage of scripture that we studied last week. Would you please open your Bibles to Romans, chapter 1 and find verse 16.

We studied this verse last week, and I fully intended to move on to new territory today, and proceed on to verses 18 and following of chapter 1. Next week we will study the remainder of chapter 1 and read some very shocking, sobering verses of scripture. The title of next week's message will be "THE DEATH OF A CULTURE." (Rom.1:18-32)

But as I prayed over these messages and this section of scripture, I felt strongly convicted and compelled to come back to a very powerful verse of scripture... It is verse 16 of chapter one of Romans.... I mean I simply could not get this verse off my mind, and I felt I could not move on until I had allowed God to say everything He wanted to say to us through this particular passage of scripture.

Now look with me once again to two powerful, poignant verses of scripture that are as convicting to me as any passage of scripture I have read for a long time...

Text: Rom 1:16-17

I have learned that when God uses a passage of scripture to really convict me and speak to me personally... He usually wants to use that passage to speak to others as well. So that is why so much of my preaching ultimately is an expression of what God is doing in my own life through His word.

When I read this passage of scripture, the Holy Spirit really used it to put me in a spiritual "head-lock" and "heart-lock." God really pinned me down with this one, and I have to confess it hurt.

The words that kept coming back again and again into my mind, and literally haunted me concerning my own life, were the words of Paul found in verse 16...


When I read those words, the Holy Spirit ...

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