How Can I Make The Most Of My Time? (3 of 8) by Stan Coffey

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Experiencing Life Before Death (3 of 8)
How Can I Make The Most Of My Time?
Stan Coffey
Ecclesiastes 3:1-11

We are in a series entitled "Experiencing Life Before Death." The messages are from the book of Ecclesiastes written by Solomon, the wisest man in the Old Testament. And we want to look today at Ecclesiastes 3:1. And I want to speak today about "How Can I Make The Most OF My Time." I am reading from the New International Version.

How can I make the most of my time? I know that many of you have been to time management seminars that tell you the latest ways of making the most of every minute and every second of every day. But time management seminars normally deal with how to control controllable time. But there are certain times that are out of your control. And today what I want to talk about is not how to get more into your schedule; most of us have more in our schedules than we can do now. I want to talk to you about how to manage your uncontrollable time. Things that you cannot control. The circumstances of your life over which you have no real power. What do you do with that kind of time? Because you see, that is what the writer is talking about in this passage. The irritations, the inconveniences, the unmanageable things that take place in our life. And he gives us five keys in reference to how to make the most of our time.


Notice first; accept that God has a purpose in both the good and the bad times of our life. Let me say that again, accept God's purpose for both the good and the bad times of our lives. You notice that when he gives these contrasts, he is telling us that life is a series of negatives and positives. It is a series of contrasts for every positive there is a negative. And he starts with two uncontrollable dates in your life. There is a time to be born, he says, and there is a time to die. You had no control over your bi ...

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