When It Comes to Jesus, Are You Hungry or Already Satisfied? (5 of 9) by Jerry Branch

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The Christian Pathway (5 of 9)
When It Comes to Jesus, Are You Hungry or Already Satisfied?
Gerald D. Branch
Matthew 5:6

Very few of us here today have ever experienced real 'life-threatening' thirst or hunger. Most of us though, just make some noise when we miss a meal, and go around moaning that 'we're starving to death,' but really we aren't starving to death...in fact, most of us could last quite a few days with our reserves. The same goes for us when we say, "I'm dying of thirst."

But...there are people who have literally experienced life-threatening thirst or hunger.

History records, that during the liberation of Palestine in World War I, allied troops outdistanced their camels, that carried their water and supply trains while pursuing the Turks through the desert.

As a result, these soldiers ran out of water, and experienced severe thirst. They had all the symptoms...Their mouths got dry, they got headaches, they got dizzy, their lips swelled up and blistered, and they experienced seeing mirages. They had so outdistanced their water supply, that the officers knew that if they did not reach the wells of Sheirah by evening, the soldiers would literally die by the thousands from thirst, as many had already done. So they pressed on, since it was farther to go back than it was to go forward.

When they arrived at the wells, they then had to fight the Turks, and drive them away, before they could get the life-giving water. And then once the wells were captured, there was still the waiting for the water. Picture this...here were thousands of gallons of water...and thousands of soldiers...but they still had to wait...there was no pump and no facet to turn on...instead they had to lift water by the bucket from the wells. Some soldiers ended up having to wait for as long as four more hours while water was lifted out of the wells.

One of the officers later wrote in his report, "I believe that we all learned our first real ...

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