Where Are We Following Jesus Christ To? by Kenneth C. Kroohs

Kenneth Kroohs
I Samuel 3:1-20; Psalm 63:1-8: I Corinthians 6:11b-20; John 1:45-51
January 16, 2000

Epiphany means "to make known". The Epiphany season remembers the time when Jesus was made known. When the world began to be told about the "specialness" of this person Jesus. And, the time during which people began to be given a choice about how to react to this special person.

Today's lessons focus on the that step in the process. Once you know that Jesus is special -- What difference does this knowledge make? What difference does it make if we accept that Jesus is God .. accept that Jesus is our Lord and Savior ... accept Jesus into our lives .. what difference does that make? How will our life change as a result of this knowledge?

For some people the changes are complete and life long. Samuel, a servant of God's, begins the process before his conception. His mother, Hannah, was childless -- a great insult in Jewish society. Eli saw her crying in the temple, blessed her, she became pregnant, and dedicated Samuel to God's service and specifically to serve Eli. So Samuel became a servant of God's before he was even conceived!

Most of us follow other paths. Today we heard about Philip and Nathanael. Philip had what we today might call: a "personal encounter with Jesus". Scripture does not tell us why Philip was impressed enough with Jesus to follow Him -- it appears to be one of those "burning bush" experiences. You can almost hear Philip later telling people the exact moment of his conversion

Philip then invites one of his friends - Nathanael. Now, Nathanael, which might be another name for Matthew, takes a more intellectual approach. He expresses skepticism but goes to check it out. He has to receive some proof that Jesus is more than a simple teacher. Many people we know want that kind of proof.

If we study the scriptures, we can find an example of ever ...

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